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Let's Eat!


“I know in my family a lot of love is expressed through cooking…”
Amanda Taccone, First Generation Canadian with Italian Heritage, June 2015

WE EAT TO LIVE. But food is more than a biological necessity. Our choices about what to eat say something about who we are. How we acquire and prepare our food, and why we do it that way, says something about us, too.

We all have preferred ingredients, recipes, utensils and cooking techniques. They reflect our histories while shaping the food we eat.

We come from or have adopted diverse food traditions. We have different values about the food we eat and varying levels of skill in the kitchen. Our budgets play a role, too.

This exhibition will explore what our food has meant to us. It will look at how we prepared that food and why we did it that way. Last, it will examine where we, as Londoners, have acquired our ingredients.

This undated photo shows the interior of the Cook-McKenzie-Wilson National Groceries store in St. Thomas.

Photo courtesy of Elgin County Archives.

The material in this online digital exhibition is drawn from “London Eats!” an exhibition at Museum London which ran in the fall of 2015 and closed in January 2016.

The Museum London exhibition was generously sponsored by McCormick’s and supported by the London Community Foundation’s Endowment for Heritage Fund.

Morel thanks Amber Lloydlangston, Curator of Regional History, for the sharing of her research to compile this online exhibit and Museum London for making the partnership possible.

More about Museum London.

If you have images, historical accounts or artefact records you would like to add to this exhibit, please contact editor@morelmag.ca






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