Two poems

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Richard Weiser is a poet, musician and playwright from Rockwood, Ontario, and until recently, living in Hamilton. His work has been published by 99 Pine Street, Acumen and Tower Poetry and produced at The Toronto Fringe Festival. He's written ads for almost 20 years and recently won a Cannes Lion (advertising's version of the Oscar). Richard studied creative writing at York University with Don Coles and Robert Casto. He's written a biography of the Canadian painter Tom Thomson (unpublished) and is working on a novel set during the First Crusade. His family, the Cockshutts, have lived in Brantford for many generations.




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By way of introduction or Patter recognition
My mind is a scrabbling mouse skritch-
scratching on a polished floor. Manic
ambulation toward an uncertain goal.
I have my hoard of ideas, phobias,
fascinations. I tear the fabric of the times
and fur from my own coat to make a shelter.
You may, if you stare long enough,
discern a pattern in the nest, like tree limbs
shaped by an unseen wind. Hidden
symmetries. That's me.



How to retain integrity in a fragmented world?

The skull is not a single bone but
a series of plates that grow and fuse,

not at all like puzzle pieces, more
like the earth–a series of shifting plates
forming arcs, rifts, faults;

like reality–dimensions that overlap,
or do not quite meet, cosmologies,
philosophies, sciences, all incomplete,
true, perhaps, but unprovable.

Somehow, in moments of grace we can
see the fractured world, not analytically  
in pieces, but wholly, perhaps even
including ourselves.

Faces in the still but moving river. A sound,
all sounds bleeding into one.