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Journalism features: General guidelines

Our goal is to publish well-written, solidly researched journalism about Southwestern Ontario. Profiles of people or businesses doing interesting things appeal to us. Anything taking place in the region that a broader audience might read also appeals to us. Please send queries to

We are also open to working in partnership with independent publications within the region on in-depth coverage of issues. For more information, please contact


Fiction, poetry and essays: General guidelines

We are always on the lookout for compelling fiction, poetry and essays. We put no restrictions on genre, but you must live in Southwestern Ontario or write about the region. Your work must be unpublished.

We pay $25.00 per item —  story, up to three poems or essay — on publication.

We don’t care if you are a rocket scientist or a housecleaner. We do care about your inspired way with words and laser-like vision into the human condition.

We also care that you submit your piece in a PDF file or in MS Word and that you carefully review and abide by all of our submission requirements.

Each category publishes every three months. (See the schedules below.) From time to time we do hold work over until the next intake period deadline for that category. Normally we will only contact those writers who are published. If you would like to know the status of your submission, please contact

If you have had work published in one category, you may not submit to that category again for a year. However, you are welcome to submit work to other categories.



We welcome mysteries, romance, steam punk, an excerpt from a literary masterpiece (yours, of course) and even graphic stories. We don’t care if your work is only two words long. However, we do care that your two words are well written and, if you choose to write more than two words, you do not exceed 8,000 well-written words. (Please include a word count in your submission.) Our attention span does not go beyond 8,000 words. Sorry.

Our editors have computer-strained eyes, so please submit text in 12-point Times New Roman. Use double line spaces. If you are submitting a graphic story, please include a separate file with the writing in — you guessed it — 12-point Times New Roman. Remember to double space the lines.

We will reject manuscripts that feature any other point size, typeface or line spacing.

2016—2017 intake period deadlines

October 23, for publication in November 2016

January 22 2017, for publication in February 2017

April 23 for publication in May 2017

July 23 for publication in August 2017

October 22 for publication in November 2017

January 2018 for publication in February 2018




We love poetry, especially finely crafted poetry. The subject doesn't matter. You may send up to three poems at a time.

Unless you have an artistic reason not to (e.g., you’re a proponent of concrete poetry), please set your poems in 12-point Times New Roman. Single line spaces will do.

2016—2017 intake period deadlines

September 25, for publication in October 2016

December 18, for publication in January 2017

March 26 for publication in April 2017

June 25 for publication in July 2017

September 24 for publication in October 2017

December 24 for publication in January 2018




Personal essays, non-personal essays, musings on the universe and Southwestern Ontario's role in it — all are good. We want your thoughts, observations, theories and visions. The more you can back up your argument, the better.

What do you think of theatre’s future in the region? How about music? What’s your bead on public transport? What's your favourite memory of growing up in the rural southwest? What will climate change mean to Ontario?

Please make your point in 5,000 words or less. We welcome footnotes or endnotes. Remember to submit text in 12-point Times New Roman. Use double line spaces.

2016—2017 intake period deadlines

November 20, for publication in December 2016

February 26 for publication in March 2017

May 21 for publication in June 2017

August 27 for publication in September 2017

November 26 for publication in December 2017